Robert Beard - Founder and President

Bob Beard, the resident “big picture guy”, is the entrepreneurial force behind EnviroCap. He combines a remarkable ability to quickly assess and act on opportunities in the marketplace with decades of finance and operations experience.

A CPA, Bob spent nine years with Deloitte & Touche, where he gained experience in auditing and was the firm’s specialist in banking, savings & loan and mortgage banking industries. In 1992, he formed the Tampa CPA firm of Beard & Kingery, developing a large environmental practice related to the Florida UST Reimbursement program. The firm processed and reviewed over $80 million of environmental funding for institutional and private investors.

In 1998, Bob left the CPA firm to form EnviroCap. Currently, Bob directs strategic planning and is involved in developing several sister companies, which operate out of the firm’s location.

A Florida State University graduate, Bob earned a B.S. with a double major in accounting and finance.

When Bob is not leading the talented and dedicated group of professionals he has assembled at EnviroCap, he enjoys time on the water with his wife, Barbara, showing a golf ball who’s boss and being Pack Leader to their dog, Bruce.

Email Bob or call (813) 341-3650 Ext. 101.

Contact us or call 813-341-3650 ext 101.