UST Claims Funding

Could you grow your business if you were paid for UST Claims upon submittal, rather than waiting for the Fund to pay?

Have changes and delays in UST payments caused your company to suffer and distract you from your core business?

Have changes and delays in UST payments caused you stress and anxiety in paying employees and vendors?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, EnviroCapʼs UST funding program is a smart financial option for your company.

Since 1998, EnviroCap has funded over $600 million to Remediation Contractors and responsible parties seeking immediate cash flow from their UST Claims. As the nationwide leader in this industry, our experienced professionals are the most knowledgeable source on both industry and UST Fund practices. EnviroCapʼs funding at the point a Claim is submitted provides Remediation Contractors and responsible parties a timely way to receive their cash, so it can be put back to work in their core businesses.

How It Works

With an approved application and signed standard Factoring and Security Agreement, you will have access to EnviroCapʼs fast, efficient and largely paperless Claim funding program:

  1. Upload a PDF copy of your Claim via our online Claims Tracker system.
  2. An EnviroCap analyst will immediately begin the review/underwriting process.
  3. Within 10 business days (upon satisfactory review), EnviroCap funds the purchase of the Claim with an initial payment of up to 90%* of the Claim amount, less a review/transaction fee. The difference (in this case, 10%) is held “in reserve” by EnviroCap to cover its servicing fee and potential dilution of payments by the UST Fund.
  4. Upon payment of the Claim directly to EnviroCapʼs lockbox by the UST Fund, you will be eligible to receive payment of the unused reserve.

*The percentage paid by EnviroCap is at EnviroCapʼs sole and absolute discretion, and is linked to the Fundʼs estimated payment date and the amount that will be paid by the Fund.

Sample Transaction Process

Gross Claim Amount = $10,000 Advance Amount = 85%
State Fund pays entire claim in 6 months

EnviroCap charges:

Transaction fee of 2% of Gross Claim Amount
Service fee of 1% of Advanced Amount per month

Time of Purchase

When the Claim is complete and ready to be submitted to the applicable UST Trust Fund Program, EnviroCap purchases the Claim.

Time of Collection

EnviroCap collects $10,000 directly from the State Trust Fund Program.

Advance Chart and States Funded Map

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